Before 9/11: Philippe Petit

Big tenth anniversary coming up. Lots to contemplate; plenty of people for whom to pray.

Perhaps the Lord allowed the Twin Towers to be built so that Philippe Petit could walk between them.

I promise that the documentary “Man on Wire” will reward the watching. I wept like a child (and I cynically smirked my way through “Beaches,” “Steel Magnolias”–even “Breaking Away.”)

“Man on Wire” is available at many of the best local libraries.

One thought on “Before 9/11: Philippe Petit

  1. Father Mark,

    Wow! I worked at 150′ to 400′ in the construction of the second Delaware Memorial Bridge during the Summer of 1966. I was able to operate at that height then; I know that I couldn’t now. A quarter mile up — forget it.





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