Sacred Aedificia + More Invitations

Most Holy Lateran Church, of all the churches in the city and the world, the mother and head

1,687 years ago today: The Pope dedicated his cathedral church building in Roma.

Click HERE for a thorough digest of this event (from the archives), including wolverines.

…Re: the sacred Catholic structures of Franklin and Henry counties, Virginny:

1. His Excellency Bishop Sullivan originally dedicated Francis of Assisi parish church in 1987. The 25th anniversary of this august occasion will fall on Ash Wednesday, which makes for a bit of a buzzkill. In May of 2013, we will festively celebrate the 15th anniversary of the dedication of the expanded church building. Mark your calendars now.

2. The same Bishop Sullivan consecrated the new church of St. Joseph in Martinsville on November 25, 2001! We will celebrate the tenth anniversary of this blessed day on Thanksgiving morning, with a Mass at 9:00 a.m. Then we will dine together to celebrate the anniversary (and the holidays) on Friday, December 9!

All readers are most cordially invited.

One thought on “Sacred Aedificia + More Invitations

  1. Father Mark,

    Being that almost-unique blend of my Unitarian Father and Catholic Mother, I used to think the physical church was un-necessary. I once urged Father Mike to sell the church to a synagog, give the money to the poor, and herd the parishoners out to the highways and byways to extend the Word and the love of Jesus Christ to all they found.

    Then, I got instructed in Church teachings, including those of St. Augustine, who concluded that we needed the physical church. Since then, I’ve been much more inclined to look at the physical church as a gathering place for ushering the faithful forth in the World. The fact that I still feel that we (and that includes me) only do a tenth of what we could (much like Oscar Schindler, at the end of the movie) doesn’t deter me. We need the Church, buildings and all.

    Growing up Catholic, I always knew that you didn’t have a church function without having food service. In Ephesians (the group that Pat led for a decade, and in which I worked), I met the Episcopalian; and I learned that it’s nice to SHARE your food with others outside the church. Finally, I met the Methodists; and I learned that the food goes a lot further if you cut it into small pieces.

    Enjoy your anniversaries!



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