The Bad News…

1. Redskins’ season an utter shambles. Becks Grossman and John Rex both stink.

2. World economy hitting the skids, big time, and do we have a leader? ¿Dónde ‘stá?

3. Find myself under the weather with a nasty little headcold.

4. Every assistant football coach in the world will now face the stereotype that they molest boys.

(Oh, wait a minute. Maybe they won’t actually have to deal with such a vicious stereotype. Hmm…)

But the good news:

The great Rich Chvotkin will sound out on the radio at noon on Saturday, calling the Georgetown Hoyas season opener!

One thought on “The Bad News…

  1. Father Mark,

    Quid vis ubi ducem? ille super golf tractus, scilicet!

    Or, if you prefer: ¿Qué quieres decir dónde está nuestro líder? está fuera del campo de golf, por supuesto!

    Remember always, when the goin’ gets tough, the tough beat tracks! “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

    Sorry about the head cold, sorrier still that in this P.C. world of ours the last stage of any event is the punishment of the innocent.

    I can see now that this one will apply to your subsequent posting on Leo the Great (please consider it so). To achieve much while remaining humble, you will be branded. The world doesn’t understand someone who strives without being hyper-assertive.

    Regarding pedophilia: profound effects on the victim; highly intractable to correction, and endemic (much more widespread than reported). Why, you’d think it was sin, it’s so all-pervasive.

    We’re away for three weeks; but we’ll try to keep up as we travel.



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