Good Company Evangelizes

Mary set out in those days and traveled. (Luke 1:39)

We read about our Lady’s holy Visitation of St. Elizabeth during this season of much visitation. We wish safe journeys to everyone about to set out in haste.

“When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leapt in her womb.”

Of course, at this moment, supernatural grace operated, and St. John had his first interaction with Christ–womb-to-womb, so to speak.

But grace, as we know, builds on nature. Can we not imagine that the sound of the Blessed Virgin’s voice simply brought joy to the ears of her friends? That a visit from our Lady meant the pleasure of good company?

Does the sound of my voice bring joy to the people I visit? If not, is it because I nag or criticize? Is it because I never make the effort to contribute in a thoughtful manner to a decent conversation? Is it because all I ever talk about is myself?

The Blessed Mother brought Christ with her when she came to visit Elizabeth and Zechariah. She brought her love, her friendship, her affectionate care. She brought unassuming peace, patient devotion to the truth, ready attentiveness, and—I think we can imagine—a sweet sense of humor. How could she have gotten through everything she had to get through without one?

Being good company makes a pretty respectable witness to Christ. We might not be able to convince everyone to go to Mass with us. But if we are good company, we’ve got a shot at it.

3 thoughts on “Good Company Evangelizes

  1. Father Mark,

    Still the same Rambo Virgin Mary, but today’s is the soft, loving, feminine side, not the courageous “leap of faith” feminine side (let’s face it, more women make these leaps of faith every day in dealing with family and friends than the most courageous man would in battle) So, let’s steep ourselves in the warm glow of this true human.

    While we’re on the subject, your earstwhile companion (and somewhat neighbor), the good Pater Politicis offers the following for our consideration.

    Merry Christ Mass.



  2. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to be that witness to family and friends Merry Christmas friends. Terry and Carol

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