New Bridge

Rock Creek drains the land on which I was raised. An asphalt trail skirts the creek the whole way from the Watergate to far-flung Montgomery County, Md.

Like many such trails, the Rock Creek trail occasionally meets with impediments–namely huge, heavily-trafficked roads. This can require dismounting and crossing at a light.

The brand new bridge over the six lanes of Veirs Mill Road flies like a great buttress in the lower sky. The pedestrian/bicyclist now reigns supreme, on a higher plane, where he once had to defer to the roaring cars.

(The creek flows under a nearby road-bridge, as it has for decades.)

Praise you, Lord, and Mont. Co. Parks and Rec.!

2 thoughts on “New Bridge

  1. Father Mark,

    Once again, it would seem you’re everywhere, you’re everywhere. Did you bike up here from Rocky Mount?

    Actaully, three decades ago, the stream frequently flowed OVER the road at this point.

    Your new bridge is, indeed, a pretty one; and, yes, three cheers to the Montgomery County National Park & Planning Commission. Ah, but if only they could manage to get the trail on Falls Road completed.

    Happy New Year.



  2. supremus pons pontus = the bridge above the sea

    est via = there is a highway

    Isaiah 35: 8 – 10

    tam pulchra promis

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