Worth Writing Down Artfully

Lacquered Japanese Calligraphy Box at the Walters

On Monday, December 29, 2008, the Hoyas played Hasheem Thabeet & Co.–the UConn Huskies–in Hartford. Georgetown stepped on the court as 6 1/2-point underdogs and stepped off the winners by 11 points.

Christmas-week glory indeed.

But 2008 cannot hold a candle to what took place in Louisville, Ky., yesterday evening.

The Hoyas went on to take a nosedive in January 2009. It won’t happen again. This season will unfold differently. Nothing can bond a team together like a stadium-clearing brawl in inland China.

I wish I owned my own 19th-century suzuri bako, so that I could calligraphize the moment:

Hoyas Stun Cardinals to End Louisville’s 20-Game Home-Court Winning Streak and Inaugurate the J.T. III Salad Days!!

One thought on “Worth Writing Down Artfully

  1. Father Mark,

    Japanese calligraphy (exquisite) and round ball: ah, well, it is still in the eye of the beholder. How about?

    Ah, the length, and breadth and depth of human endeavor, how can we put limits on it? It seems to exceed all expectations at times; yet, at others, falls flat on its face. What waxes in the morn, wanes in the eve, and vice versa. We need look no further; there is only one Great Beyond; and there should our eyes be fixed.

    This thought is brought to you by the American Short People (ASP, now shush up, Randy) Association.



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