What Do You Priests Do All Day?

You’ve probably seen this charming Silverado ad. I must say that when I saw it, a little bell rang.

“Other than Sunday Mass, what do priests do?”

“I, ah…”

–Not the same stuff as in the ad. No candle-lit date nights. And I don’t mean to be grandiose here. The priesthood hardly involves a thrill a minute.

But hopefully you get the idea: the story is a little too complicated to tell.

An adventure, to be sure. The Lord may be calling you to jump in His sacerdotal Silverado, young man. Give it a thought.

One thought on “What Do You Priests Do All Day?

  1. Father White,

    How about a Priest who has several parishes strung out along a major highway: what does he do?

    Of the things in the ad, I’ll wager (but not a lot, because Priests don’t usually get paid all that much, monitarily) that YOU do most of the activities shown in the ad. BUT, you don’t get the Silverado, and when you do have candlelight, there’s usually a group of people kneeling in the pews watching you, as you celebrate the MASS.

    In the end, if we don’t ALL stand there, transfixed in wonder, at the question, “What do you do?”, we’re NOT doing what we’re sent here to do.

    AND, you, especially, know it because to answer that question would involve describing what it’s like to officiate at and offer the MASS. Surely, that would reduce even a silver-tongued orator such as yourself to tongue-tied silence.

    Hopefully, we’ll find you on Monday.



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