Lazarus and Dives

Even Simsanity cannot altogether prevent death.

Christ’s Church proposes for our faith the articles of the Creed. And God gives us the grace to believe them.

Many of our experiences help us to believe the Christian faith. Perhaps the most decisive experience, when it comes to moving us toward the faith of the Church, is this: We observe that everyone dies.

Everyone dies sooner or later, without exception. No exquisite diet, or comfortable wardrobe, or plush accommodation can prevent death. No spa has ever been built where people can go to live and never die. No bank holds monetary instruments which can pay off the Grim Reaper and keep him at bay forever.

Someday Prince Harry of England will die. Someday Peyton Manning will die. Someday Warren Buffett will die, and Jennifer Lopez, too.

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Steve Jobs already did die, just like Abraham Lincoln, Mozart, and Alexander the Great.

Dead. Sooner or later. Everyone.

Makes the Creed a lot more interesting. We believe that dead Abraham actually lives in Christ’s kingdom.

Here’s another observation about life on earth. Everyone dies. Also, it’s not fair.

Life isn’t fair. Some useless oafs have 40-foot yachts. Some brilliant minds dwell in third-world slums. Good people get cancer, and crack mamas keep getting pregnant. No good deed goes unpunished, and rogues win elections with lies. Silly people get their pictures taken on Hollywood red carpets, and serious people can’t make a living.


Will justice ever be done? Of course. Is there a fair country somewhere? A place where cheaters never get away with it, everyone gets measured by the content of their character, and no one has to scrap and struggle just to avoid having to live in a refrigerator box? Yes. There is such a country.

God is just. He knows all and holds all in His sway.

Our days are numbered. Death will bring them to an end.

Then the door of everlasting truth opens, and Lazarus is poor no longer.

One thought on “Lazarus and Dives

  1. Father Mark,

    If there were justice in this World, that 40-foot yacht would be sitting on a broken-down trailer in Rocky Mount, Virginia, right in the middle of the intersection of E. Court St. and S. Main St., with everyone standing around staring at it (except for that tall, lanky guy who just galloped past).

    I’m not holding my breath; but I am attempting to do my part in diminishing the inequalities in this life by visiting the prisoner and the sick, and by pushing for “voter-initiated term limits”, trying to get it so that we don’t all end up prisoners as a result of the sick governmental systems to which we are subject.



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