Don’t Go for the Silver

NCAA tournament. Yawn. As far as I am concerned, the interesting part of the basketball season ended this past weekend.

Except that the Hoyas play a team from Nashville this afternoon, just a couple short weeks after the 150th anniversary of the fall of Nashville.

The prophet Hosea outlines a dialogue between God and us. The Lord calls out and helps us realize that He wills our health and happiness. He wills us to become beautiful in a way that is greater than what our imaginations can come up with.

Is this not the perennial trap into which we fall? We human beings scrap and fight and sweat blood to win the silver or the bronze. We forget that the gold medal even exists. We do not even imagine ourselves as God sees us.

I’m going to work hard and bust my butt and grow as tall as a fern. I’ll show ‘em; I will pull out all the stops, and my game will flow as smooth and sweet as a can of Red Bull. I will work on myself, and win people over, and my reputation will fill this town like the smell of new tires!

…And here is the Lord saying, Please, get over yourself. Take a chill. Come to me. Kneel down. Be quiet, and just listen, just co-operate. I have a plan to make you taller than a redwood, better tasting than $200 cab sav, and sweeter smelling than Riviera rose water. I made you in the first place. I know best how beautiful you can be.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Go for the Silver

  1. Father Mark,

    In Spring, a young man’s fancy turns gently to thoughts of …………………………………………………………BASEBALL!

    Or, whatever!



  2. Why was Eve in the garden alone? Where were God and Adam? Perhaps she was out there as bait , since , Lucifer can not be taken with hands. In the time of Moses and Aaron , Pharoah let the Israelites go after God killed all the first born in Egypt including Pharoah’s son. Pharoah had been moved by his love for his son to obey God and let the people of Israel go. Did Lucifer’s attraction to Eve begin what would turn to love for her in the end so that Lucifer will have to obey God out of Love? The proton torpedo of Love.

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