Father’s House

“In my Father’s house, there are many rooms.”

As we remember, our Holy Father Pope Benedict gave the homily at the funeral of his predecessor. The Mass took place in St. Peter’s Square on a Friday of the Easter season, seven years ago. For many of us, that day was as sad as any day we have lived through.

Cardinal Ratzinger concluded his homily with a beautiful, consoling image. He recalled how the late, great pope had come to the window on the preceding Easter Sunday and had given his blessing.

That was the last glimpse that the world had of John Paul II. But, Cardinal Ratzinger added: can’t we imagine him now, at the window of the Father’s house? Let’s ask him to give us his blessing from there.

The Father’s house has many rooms. On this subject, the Lord Jesus speaks to us with the tenderness of a father to his children:

Would I have told you that there is a place in heaven for you—if there really weren’t one?

There, there, child. Imagine all you want about the Father’s house. Imagine how light, and peaceful, and spacious, and sweet-smelling every room is. Imagine all you want about how easy it will be to visit everyone you love, and how there will be nothing but time, to relax and be happy together. Imagine it all, as well as you can. You will never be able to imagine it any better than it actually is.

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