Miranda Lambert Sacrilege?


Does this song cry out to heaven for vengeance? Or is it actually something (kind-of) beautiful?

I would not hold it forward as the best poem of the 21st century. That said, the image shines forth clear enough.

I think the Lord would object to being presented as Someone with Whom to throw back a few backstage. After all, we read as much about the prayer, study, and austerity in His pilgrim life as we do about His attending wedding banquets.

But, on the other hand: Isn’t it true that, yes, He would understand a heart like mine? And that Sacred Scripture does teach us to look forward to a banquet, which probably would involve long-stemmed glasses?

Chime in with your thoughts, if you please.

2 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert Sacrilege?

  1. Father Mark. This is the message I received from the song : We can live any kind of life we choose. There are no limits. We can sin or not sin. Whatever we do in life, good or bad, Jesus will understand……A very dangerous, presumptive, philosophy, in my opinion.

  2. I think she’s just trying to say that even though some “Christians” try and tell her she’s living a bad life, Jesus understands what is in her heart. And, that He loves us in all our wine drinking, good hearted, imperfection.

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