Living the Cardfree Life

“Your dead shall live; their corpses shall rise,” declares the prophet Isaiah unto the Lord.

We echo the words of the prophet whenever we profess our holy faith. We say, “I look forward to the resurrection of the dead.”

Speaking of which: Summertime can offer us a little extra leisure.

What a perfect opportunity to work on memorizing the new English translation of the Creed!

We can “get off the card,” so to speak.

Break the card habit. Get the Sunday-morning card monkey off our backs. Start living a card-free life. At least at Mass.

A clean, card-free Mass: that’s a healthier Mass.

So let’s spend some summer leisure time working on it. A few reps every day, right before the morning sit-ups and push-ups. Before we know it, we will be impressing all our friends at church with our fluid recitation of the Creed, utterly cardless!

One thought on “Living the Cardfree Life

  1. Consubstantial! Incarnate! Adored! Confess! This should really not be _that_ difficult (so why has it been so difficult?) Is it OK if I just keep mumbling without the card?

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