Clay Doesn’t Worry About Tomorrow

Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, house of Israel. (Jeremiah 18:6)

To submit to the guiding, shaping hand of God… To moistly, supplely, softly-yet-resiliently respond to the gentle touches of His fingers…

He sees the thing of beauty that He makes; He turns the wheel; He knows how long it will take to complete His work.

Our task: To let the fingers press and form and knead and contour and poke and prod and trim and taper. To let the potter do the potter’s work on us, who sit before His all-seeing eyes as His clay.

How? How do you make yourself good clay for God?

Listen, I don’t know. I am as lumpen, as resistant, as given to cracks and fractures as anyone else is.

But, if I have any wisdom at all, I would say this; if I know one way to begin to answer the question of how to submit to the will of God, it would be this:

The way to do it is to do it today. It is very hard work, submission to the divine will. So the Lord really only demands that we do it for one day, namely today. Just today. We do it by doing it today.

Tomorrow? Well, yes. But clay does not worry about tomorrow.


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