Compendium of Vatican II Reminiscences

Who said I never did anything for you?

Since July, we have gotten ourselves thoroughly fired-up for the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. Plus, we have covered the teaching of two of the most important documents.

We present a handy compendium for your ease of study, reflection, etc. It will expand as we progress through the next four years.

All our many compendia, including this one, are always available to you, under the Compendia tab above.

Preliminary Manifestos:

Duc in Altum

The Exhilarating Moment

Three Characteristics of the “Former Way of Life”

John Paul II, Gaudium et Spes, Human Person, Contemplation

Pope Benedict quotes from Year of Faith opening

The Fall of 1962, the Spring of 2013 + More

Sacrosanctum Consilium (Sacred Liturgy):

Local Yokels and Jesus Christ at the Sacred Liturgy

More on God’s Local Address

Dei Verbum (Divine Revelation):

Believing the Facts

Opening our Ears, Eyes, and Minds

Standing on the (written and un-written) Word

God Reveals to His People

Catholics Read Scripture Commonsensically

Lumen Gentium (Holy Church):

The Church = the Baptized who Believe in Christ’s Baptism

Holiness: Poor, Chaste, Obedient Camels, by God’s Grace

Holiness: Martyrdom (at the hands of Brad Pitt?)

Jimmie Johnson and the Priesthood of Love

Blessed Virgin Mary: Intro., Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

Gaudium et Spes (The Church in The Modern World):

Feed the Body and Soul

Troubling Ourselves About Religion

Baptismal Faith, the Solid Foundation

A Beautiful Marriage = A Reasonable Marriage

Notes from our Advent Study of GS: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

“Fifty Years Later, Things Have Changed” Series:

1. ‘Modern Man’ Is No More. Post-Modern Man Needs Christ for Solidarity
2. Not ‘Keep Christ in Christmas,’ But Put Christ in the Post-Modern World
3. Like Gandalf and Frodo in Moria

One thought on “Compendium of Vatican II Reminiscences

  1. Father Mark,

    Is that John Paul II, front row, 2nd from the right?

    And, no, you can’t fool me, I KNOW you weren’t there.


    In God we trust?



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