The Wettest Movie

I have to revise my opinion of our Franklin-County, Va., moonshine movie.

You know the one I mean: the Shia Labeouf/Jessica Chastain film about Prohibition-Era bootleggers in the world’s “wettest” county.

This southwest-Virginia movie, which was filmed near Atlanta, and claims to take place in the town of Franklin, which is actually found on the other Blackwater River, on the other side of the state. (The Blackwater River we have here in Franklin County looks a lot more like a creek. That is, until it hits the big dam and gets backed-up into forming the Beefeater-drinking sector of Smith Mountain Lake.)

This movie which involves mayhem and bloodshed by people with names we know, whose descendants categorically deny that their forefathers ever did anything so craven.

The movie that develops it storyline quite deftly, but inexplicably wastes a couple of scenes in which none of the characters draw blood from any of the other characters–this movie turns out to have a couple pretty interesting aspects.

1. The relationship of the Bondurant brothers develops believably, and their loyalty to each other wins you over.

2. I think I could happily watch Jessica Chastain do needlepoint for two hours.

3. At the end of the movie, Howard Bondurant goes to work in Martinsville.


One thought on “The Wettest Movie

  1. Father Mark,

    The famillies’ vigorously decry any allegations that their ancestors were engaged in such pursuits? What do they think they are, the “K.” clan of Hyannis Port, Mass.?

    We visited Bermuda this last week, and a friend who’s retired there showed us his needlepoint. Unfortunately, he’s ugly as sin; but the work itself was beautiful; and he was the gracious host, and, when he smiled, the very picture of joy — especially when we visited one of his still-working (sort of) friends.

    So, there is life in Rocky Mount and Franklin-County environs, albeit shot in Atlanta, and actually about another part of the Old Dominion?

    In God we trust.



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