Duly Noted

Are not five sparrows sold for two small coins? Yet not one of them has escaped the notice of God. (Luke 12:6)

The notice of God.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? God hears.

The multicolored deep-sea eels and seahorses and octopi, and other magnificent creatures that live in the ocean’s deepest valleys and have passed through countless generations without a single human eye ever being laid on their stunning beauties—why do they exist? Because God takes notice of them constantly and delights in them.

What could be more terrible and disorienting than the idea that God does not notice what I do or who I am? Could the world really be so completely meaningless that what I do and who I am just falls into a chasm of nothing, and no one cares? That no one knows the whole truth, and we are all doomed to be imperfectly understood by our fellowmen and then die—with no one ever altogether noticing? I mean, even if I got my own show on cable, the cruel fact of the matter is that not everyone would watch it.

Can it really just be empty air around me, and my own pitiful forgotten self?

No. God takes note. God notices. When I tell a lie and apparently get away with it, God knows the truth. When I do the right thing, and everyone else is too self-absorbed to appreciate it, God does notice. There is always an audience—an eminently discerning, selflessly appreciative audience.

He does not let sparrows fall to the ground without noticing. He does not let stinkbugs gets squshed in an unconcerned oblivion. No, God has counted every stinkbug.

And He values us much more highly than any stinkbug, any sparrow, any beluga whale.

Seven billion may strike us as an inconceivably large number, beyond real reckoning, like an endless ant colony of humanoids on this spinning rock. But for God, to focus on every human being, to know the truth in every human heart—that’s how He rolls.

He looks at each of us all the time, with infinitely more tender care than a mother looking at her single newborn child. He notices every little breath each of takes. And He guides us toward the complete revelation of His loving gaze, when we will know fully, even as we are now fully known by God.

2 thoughts on “Duly Noted

  1. Father,
    lovely meditation, but I hope you aren’t suggesting He is counting how many stinkbugs I kill in my home??? Does this extend to cockroaches and even flies? If so, I may be doomed.

  2. Father Mark,

    Amen! Best prayer I’ve heard all week; and that includes the external prayer of the advent of Fall in all its glory.

    I’m putting up a temporary greenhouse today; and if the stinkbugs invade, as they are wont to do, I’ll be moving them to a new venue (but not necessarily alive — in fact, probably not alive).

    Thanks for being there!

    In God we trust.



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