Same-Sex “Marriage” Compendium

A Vademecum: Good People Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Summary of the Vatican Doctrinal Note in honor of the Ugandan Martyrs

The absurdity of Olivia and Viola in “Twelfth Night”

The battle we lost in Washington, D.C.:

1. Homily Encouraging my Peeps to Stand up and be Counted

2. Homily about the Church’s Authority to Govern Marriage

3. The District Building: Setting the Scene

4. The Hearing: Why Are We Here? Approval for the Unapprovable.

5. My Letter to Councilmember Marion Barry on the day the new law went into effect (written in the spring of 2010; I don’t think I could write the same letter now)

Explanation for Why I Went a Couple Years without Mentioning This

Why Exactly Can’t I Go to the Wedding?

Of course we’re against it. Let’s focus on what we are for:

Part I

Part II

The Young Hipster, the Indians, the Pope, and the Best Streetmap

The Church, Not the Supreme Court

Something We Can Learn from Timon’s Curse

DOMA Dies on the Marriage-Law Titanic

Virginia and Impending Jail Time

Ugandan Martyrs 12 Years Later

Obergefell Day: Nature, Sterility, and How Love Really Wins

One thought on “Same-Sex “Marriage” Compendium

  1. Father Mark,

    I await Part II with baited breath (I really must stop eating anchovies). In the meantime, I’ll be frantically reading all the “asides” to build up a plaque of background.

    My personal take on “same sex marriage” is that it is an attack on the family as society’s basic unit for procreation. There is only one illuminating light on the rationale for this attack; it’s the deliberate denigration of the union: The light comes from nature, and it’s the march of the lemmings to the sea. Our society has unconsciously reached the point where it sees population control by any means as preferable to “go, be fruitful and multiply.”; and society is embarking on self-destruction.

    As in the past, there is but one way to avoid such behavior. The Essenes had the Dead Sea wherewith to flee; could Rocky Mount, Virginia be the place for you and me?

    If not, then “Hie thee to a nunnery…” [you’ll see; what follows fits the subject exactly].

    In God we trust.



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