Spare Me the Hype. Just Give me the Opener.

Georgetown Hoyas open the season tonight. (Proof #gazillion of God’s love: Basketball season comes every year.)

Game will be played on an amphibious-assault helicopter ship. Yawn.

Players will wear camies. Big woop. Spare me.

Can’t watch the game on t.v., even if I had a t.v., because college hoops is nothing but a cable-network racket now, and if you don’t pay for premium channels, you can kiss it, no matter how loyal a fan you have been for four decades.

So I would actually be pretty much over this game; I would not give it any nevermind at all. The one thing I hate more than ESPNews is the NBC Sports Network.

But Chvotkin is on the ship, and he’s got his streaming radio info on his Facebook.  And this is the Hoyas season opener.  I’m in.

…And to the Gators fans, and SEC peeps in general, I wish you well. Let us unite in friendship and amity against a common enemy, a loathed, dispicable, can-barely-utter-the-name enemy. The ACC.

May the best team win tonight. Games on boats don’t really count.

2 thoughts on “Spare Me the Hype. Just Give me the Opener.

  1. Wow. My prophetic soul. The game doesn’t count, because they called it off at halftime. Court too wet. Same thing happened with the other mega-hyped aircraft-carrier game tonight.

    Who would have thought? Play basketball on a wood floor outside, on the sea, at night, in November? Court might get wet? Really?

    To the marketing Einsteins and the geniuses at NBC Sports Network: I firmly believe that the immeasurable shadenfreude I am experiencing right now counts as a kind of holy zeal. May your checks bounce, and all your schemes come to naught.

  2. Father Mark,

    Let’s face it; they probably don’t have television in Rocky Mount, Virginia (too mountainous, too remote, too much else of import to do); and all the above is a rambling flight of the imagination. But, for the sake of shadenfreude, “What’s better than a basketball game?” The answer: why, of course, “Half a basketball game.”

    In God we trust.



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