Weather in Washington

during the March for Life today is terrible. Cold wintry mix as we ascend Capitol Hill and draw near the Supreme Court.

…I have run into lots of people I haven’t seen in years. Like a huge family reunion…

hey hey ho ho Roe v. Wade has got to go

…People singing, praying the rosary. Catholic University campus chaplain on the bullhorn. “CUA!” –Is pro-life! “CUA!” –Is pro-life!!

Our parish-cluster peeps are charging onward in little pockets. We got separated in the crowds…Meet up at the bus by the Air & Space…

[Looks like a smartphone weblog update, doesn’t it? But my beloved new phone is a dumb old flipper. I wrote this ahead of time, and scheduled it to pop up. March for Life is always the same: Crappy weather and absolutely wonderful.]

2 thoughts on “Weather in Washington

  1. Father Mark,

    As customary of late, I waited at 7th St. & Constitution Ave., N.W. from 12:15 P.M., looking for either St. Raphael’s RTL Banner or a tall, goofy-looking priest. Seeing neither (not that they weren’t there; I just didn’t see them in the throng), I kicked off at 2:30 PM and joined the latter part of the March. You must have been somewhere in the latter half, because I remember seeing the CUA banner.

    As always, the large variety in the people I observed was impressive; it would seem that God just doesn’t ever run out of ideas (except for the occasional set of identical twins — and even then).

    I talked to a Jamaican-born man for about 15 minutes, his name sounded like Ruan, but it may have been Ryan.

    Mostly, I just drank in the faces (about 150,000 of them, I’d guess).

    Then the snow showers started, just as I marched off. With my recent cataract surgery, I didn’t need glasses; and for the first time in about sixty years, I didn’t have to clean off my glasses constantly. I was so pleased at this simple pleasure, I called the surgeon to thank him.

    In God we trust.



  2. It was very emotional, fun, & cold!! I was proud to March For Life with all of you! It brought happiness in what is a bitter world. Even though I walked almost a mile home, I woke up feeling great about myself. An experiance of a lifetime for someone that hasnt felt welcomed anywhere in twenty odd years. A very painfull, sad but true fact of my life. I have never felt as happy nor excepted as I do with all of you at Church. I have read your whole blog, and find that your quite an exceptional writer with a sense of humilaty, passion, and intuition. I experianced great joy in your writings and also laughter in your “game day bucket go boom” comment as I frequently used it on my facebook and twitter. I also listened to what all you’ve told me and find that you also were a teacher in Baltimore quite interesting. I really do believe the saying “GOD works in mysterious ways”, as having someone like you for a Priest makes me want to be much more than a “Christian” But a servant of God by spreading the word of Christ and defending it and never be ashamed of doing so! You are very inspiring and I appreciate every thing you’ve done for me!
    Your friend,
    Emmett Dove

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