A little


I met Pope Benedict, while he was still Card. Ratzinger, just a few weeks before the conclave that elected him to the See of Peter. Twice, fellow pilgrims and I saw and heard him at the Vatican. And I had the privilege of serving his Mass in Washington.

In fact, I hung on his every word when he came to the United States. I still think about some of the things he said then. I loved his encyclicals on charity and hope. I was eagerly awaiting the promised encyclical on faith… Instead, he invites us to an act of faith.

We know that Papa Benedetto is as gentle and as thoughtful a man as the world can boast, so he must have made such a big decision for good reasons.

Let’s pray. The Lord will of course provide. May God be good to our Holy Father, the Cardinals, and us.

One thought on “A little

  1. Father Mark,

    It was interesting to listen to the news coverage (on television, but with eyes still being pried open by caffine, and moving about to prepare to go to Mass, so not really watching) this morning @ 6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (probably the same time zone as that great anomaly in time, the wilds of central Virginia, but who knows, what with communication being transmitted by ox cart). It had not risen above the horizon on the local stations; and it was a full-time-coverage event on BBC World News (where the coverage bounced back and forth between two respectful newspersons, a female “expert” in London and the “feet on the ground” male in Rome, who just reported what they knew, and the female moderator who just couldn’t let go of the pedophilia motif). No matter what the newspersons said about health issues for the Pope and the stress of the job, the moderator harped (as in harpie) back on HER issue.

    We had our own personal prayer this morning, for a two-year-old we know with a rare congenital disorder that is inevitably fatal, and usually results in an extremely short life. The celebrant remarked on the news of Benedict XVI, which he had just heard from the server always an adult @ 6:30 AM weekday Mass), and asked for verification from the congregation. He then asked for silent prayer for our intentions. Please say a prayer for “L”, and for her family.

    So, here we are, confused and shaken, but not afraid (because He said not to be), inwardly bleeding with concern for both our church and our friends (not just “L” and family; as we get older, our list seems to just grow exponentially). We, for our part, will be saying an extra prayer today for all within the Church, particularly the priests, and especially you.

    Watching the recent history of our Church has been much like watching “Les Quatre cents coups”.

    In God we trust.



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