Middlemarch Posts Compendium


“O my gosh. O my gosh,” is what I said when I saw…

a. The huge crater excavated to the northeast of the Washington Monument, where the African-American History museum will be constructed.

b. The extensive construction underway immediately to the west of the Brookland/CUA metro station. The neighborhood that I knew so well through the 1990’s is no more. I’m an old coot now.

dead white female

…Loved our little pilgrimage to the capital. Now that I have no more chapters of Middlemarch to read, here’s a little compendium of quotes I posted:

1. Dorothea (and me) in Rome

2. Loved by Dorothea = Consecrated

3. Fred Vincy Doesn’t Want to be a Clergyman + Facebook-wall version

4. Best Ending Ever

Fave scene (which Dan Stevens once read out loud for an audio-book, proving that he is not, in fact, dead*):

I have not spoken too strongly now,’ said Will, leaning back against the angle of the wall. ‘There are certain things which a man can only go through once in his life; and he must know some time or other that the best is over with him. This experience has happened to me while I am very young–that is all. What I care more for than I can ever care for anything else is absolutely forbidden to me–I don’t mean merely by being out of my reach, but forbidden me, even if it were within my reach, by my own pride and honor–by everything I respect myself for. Of course I shall go on living as a man might do who had seen heaven in a trance.’

Will paused, imagining that it would be impossible for Dorothea to misunderstand this; indeed he felt that he was contradicting himself and offending against his self-approval in speaking to her so plainly; but still–it could not be fairly called wooing a woman to tell her that he would never woo her. It must be admitted to be a ghostly kind of wooing.

George Eliot, Middlemarch, chapter 62

* Last I heard, in fact, the dead Matthew Crawley will portray Mr. Darcy in an upcoming BBC production of P.D. James’ stupid Pride and Prejudice murder mystery.


One thought on “Middlemarch Posts Compendium

  1. Father Mark,

    Just a personal note: the lead-off picture is what I did from 1974-1978, and again from 1983-2007. Much of my work was on not-so-grand a scale as the one in your picture; but the insurance category for the work was “building lifting & moving” which might give you some idea of how the “bettors” viewed the trade (what with insurance being a bet by the casualty insurance company that you CAN do the job — compare it to the life insurance bet: purchaser, “bet I’m going to die;” insurance company, “bet you’re not!”

    Glad your “virtual” tour of DC had such physical reality overtones.

    In God we trust.



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