Thomas Hardy Quote of the Day

Mayor of CasterbridgeIn chapter 24 of The Mayor of Casterbridge

Lucetta lays out her paralyzing dilemma.

She wants Elizabeth-Jane to solve the problem for her.

But the young lady says,

‘I cannot answer,’ said Elizabeth-Jane thoughtfully. ‘It is so difficult. It wants a Pope to settle that!’

One thought on “Thomas Hardy Quote of the Day

  1. Father Mark,

    In the panoply of the last two milenia: how many issues have been really “settled” by papal intervention? Googling indicates there’ve been some; but the Wikipedia account, beginning with doesn’t seem to indicate much. It does seem to indicate that the Church began to become more involved in secular life in the Avignon Papacy; and, certainly, the resolution of the Avignon-vs.-Roman Papacy issue was one viatl papal resolution of an issue. The Counter-Reformation MIGHT be yet another — at least in the sense of agreeing to disagree. The Treaty of Tordesillas, , had a strong Papal influence in its making.

    I think: puts a human face on recent history.

    Great question; I wonder if Lucetta ever got her answer.

    In God we trust.



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