Francis of Assisi parish loves our Holy Father, Pope Francis!

St. Joseph parish loves our Holy Father, Pope Francis!

May the good Lord grant him health and every blessing. Yay for the Jesuits. Yay for Argentina and all of Latin America. Yay for the people of Rome, who have a bishop who loves them. May God be good to the poor people of Buenos Aires, who have lost their beloved father who now belongs to the whole world.


4 thoughts on “Viva!

  1. Father Mark,

    We now know that there is, indeed, joy in Mudville, even if the Mighty Casey has struck out.

    My desk is clear; and I’m ready; now, all we need is a theme song. How about (two versions; the second is more disquieting; but, then again, so’s life):

    So, the Church has done it’s part (in part); now it’s time for US to do our part. Are you ready?

    In God we trust.



  2. May the Lord shower Pope Francis with the fullness of grace and strength to lead and unite His Church in holiness and love.

  3. Yes the new Pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio~and is the 1st time that a Pope take a name Francesco,like never before,a Pope choosed this name,and also is the first Latin American,with Italian origins,from his Grangrandpa’,born in Asti(Italy).
    So we have a Pope now…..~welcome Papa Francesco 1st ~

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