Easter Interview

Geraldo Rivera

Let’s imagine that a journalist came to interview us at church this evening or tomorrow morning.

Okay. So…good evening/morning! For the information of our viewers, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you saying that you are here in church this evening/morning because you believe that Jesus rose from the dead?

resurrectionAnd is it true that you hold that Jesus is God made flesh, the divine Son of the divine Father?

So there is an Almighty God Who made heaven and earth?

And He guides all things with infinite wisdom and love?

And He pours out the Spirit of holiness?

And heaven awaits?

Listen, I was doing some background research, and I learned that Catholics believe that Jesus Christ, true God and true man, risen and reigning in heaven, becomes present in the flesh when the priest consecrates the Host and the Chalice on the altar. Is that true?

And you hold that baptism washes away sins, and if someone sins after baptism, a priest can absolve them in the name of God after a thorough confession?

I understand that you read the Bible constantly as a group, and also individually, because you believe that God Himself has given it to you to read?

And I get the impression that you Catholics believe that Jesus walks the earth in the person of the poor or sick or imprisoned or troubled individual?

I read somewhere that you respect the Pope as the Chief Shepherd of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church that Jesus Christ founded, and all the bishops around the world as the successors of the Apostles.

I heard that you hold that life begins at conception, that abortion is never an option, that marriage is a fruitful lifelong bond between a man and a woman, and that everyone needs to fight against self-indulgence and bad habits, and seek to be holy like Jesus Christ.

stfrancisYou say that you love your country, but you love your Church more, that you like to enjoy life, but that none of it is worth a darn compared to heaven, that you feel guilty if you let a day go by without praying, or a week go by without going the church?

That you know your priests and bishops are weak men, like anyone else, but you love them anyway because they stand in the place of Christ? That you kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, and sing to the Lord whenever you can?

That you sacrifice time and money for the Church, because everything really belongs to God anyway, that you pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints, and try to tell the truth all the time, and treat others with respect and love, and follow the rules?

You wish that everyone could know the peace and joy of being Catholic, and join the Church—because your attitude is, ‘The more, the merrier?’

Okay! Well, it seems like either you Catholics are really quite crazy. Or maybe you are on to something…

We love the Lord Jesus, risen from the dead. We love God the Father. We are Catholic and proud.

If you mess with us, we will love you. We will love you until you love us back, or at least until you love God. Or we’ll die trying.

One thought on “Easter Interview

  1. Father Mark,

    Just one little, teeny, tiny question of fact: do you consider that to be a picture of a “journalist”? The remainder, I can ascribe to wholeheartedly. As to why the interview will never be held, remember that we operate “behind enemy lines.”

    Remember, also, with sadness, that were the interview to be held, many Roman Catholics could not be able to say all that’s said in your interview, nor even think it, especially the part about believing in all and loving all that God has given us.

    More’s the sadness, because God is for man, as well as man made for God: ah, if we could but wrap our minds and hearts around that, and cling to it.

    Happy Easter!

    In God we trust.



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