Few episodes in history have captivated my imagination like the journey of Lewis and Clark. Now I know a man who has made the same trek, in reverse, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Dan ReinkeDan Reinke has made the journey alone, on foot.

In the towns of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and, now, Virginia, Dan has encountered the Providence of God through his interactions with people.

Dan walked into Rocky Mount yesterday and came to 4:30 Mass. He graciously agreed to stay with us for the night. This morning he spoke to our people, before heading east on Va. Route 40 after the 8:00 Mass.

Read all about Dan’s journey on his weblog. Do not neglect to read every word and watch every little video. Dan has inspired me like few people I have ever met (not counting Kyle O’Connor, who rocks and has inspired me every day for the nine weeks we have had him with us as summer seminarian!)

I urged Dan to consider writing a book when he finishes. Right now he’s like a marathoner at mile 20 or 21: just wants to survive to the end.

Praise God for sending such a hero of faith into our lives! May God keep you safe on the last leg and bless you always, Dan!


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