Five Years: the Real Problem

rehobo postcardGreetings, and happy fifth anniversary to this ridiculous little weblog. 780,000 visits so far. Ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Hope everyone rejoiced yesterday when our Lady was crowned with surpassing glory.

Is it not the case that our need to be reconciled with God–the silent, mysterious, seemingly absent, yet omnipresent God–is the real problem of the whole of world history? –Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth

One thought on “Five Years: the Real Problem

  1. Father Mark,

    Yes, it’s the day after. Yesterday, forty-nine years ago, my wife and I made a commitment to each other (yes, on Assumption, with a special dispensation). It’s not quite up to the commitment made on the fourth Thursday in March in the year zero; but we sure hope that the payoff is the same.

    in God we trust.



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