‘What a Coloring Book is to a Museum’

friar-lawrenceFor the past couple of winters, a sneaking suspicion has grown in my mind on Sunday evenings.

The feted Catholic bon vivant who has given us the Crawleys…

Little by little the impression has deepened within me:

Julian Fellowes? Actually, I think, he sucks.

New movie out today–not worth bothering with at all–proves I was right.

Re-write Romeo and Juliet? Please.


One thought on “‘What a Coloring Book is to a Museum’

  1. Father Mark,

    This malady is readily remedied by cessation of viewing. Simple minds, simple solutions.

    On R & J, the Times review is most telling:

    “If this “Romeo & Juliet” were better, fierier or juicier, far less polite and rather more unhinged, it would be easier to ignore Mr. Fellowes’s ideas about the intelligence of his audience. From the pretty looks and pillowy lips of Romeo (Douglas Booth, who was 19 when the movie was shot), it appears that the filmmakers assumed that their audience would be primarily female. From the first moment he appears on screen, his white shirt opened almost to the waist, Mr. Booth is framed, lighted, dressed and undressed like a delectable morsel. It’s a shrewd bit of casting even if it feels more for the benefit of the audience than of Juliet (a miscast Hailee Steinfeld, who was 15)”

    It’s a Chick Flick sorta sums it all up.

    In God we trust.



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