Army of St. Pauls + Hoyas Opener!

A week from Sunday we will read about the Lord Jesus promising to help us evangelize. Like St. Paul evangelized. As we hear at Holy Mass today, St. Paul aspired to proclaim Christ to those who had never been told, to those who had never heard of Him. And as we also know, of course: St. Paul proclaimed Christ without fear.

st-paul-teachingAs we will discuss a week from Sunday, the Lord promised to give us the words. The Holy Spirit will work within our meager minds and move us to heroic acts of loving evangelization.

Because the world needs us to share the truth of Christ. The world right now needs an army of St. Pauls.

Mankind is a noble creature. America a splendid nation. Martinsville a beautiful, warm community. But without Christ it all gets sad and weird and silly.

Without Christ, life come down to nothing but noise and hustling for money and maybe a fully belly and streaming videos. In other words, life without Christ winds up brutish, desperate, and short.

du_georgetown_logoAnd if our neighbors don’t know the love of God, who deserves the blame? St. Paul refused to live in fear of any man, because God had made him a herald of divine love. He has made us heralds of divine love, too.


PS. Don’t forget that the Georgetown Hoyas’ season begins tomorrow morning in Seoul, South Korea.*

* At this very moment, it is already Saturday morning in Seoul. Even though it’s still Friday morning in Martinsville. So the game is this evening. But in Asia they play American college basketball games on Saturday mornings. So the first-ever American college basketball game in Korea will take place tomorrow morning. Later today.

2 thoughts on “Army of St. Pauls + Hoyas Opener!

  1. IMHO, “Ducks” terrible name for a basketball team… imagine the shot from the free throw line. Really???

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