One thought on “Uh Oh

  1. Father Mark,

    Writing from Bethany Beach, Delaware, where the temperature moderated today, enough to allow e-mail to squeak out, rather than just lie frozen in the outbox.

    First, I think I understand why a bunch of short, plump, aging, alumni Micks root for the Hoyas; but I will probably NEVER understand why you do. Slow news day?

    Second, we voted them in (our elected representative “leaders”), and we’ve made a great mistake — nowhere more than the Commonwealth in their recent election, a carpetbagger (REL is probably rolling over in his tomb, even as we speak); good Lord, what were YOU thinking. So, we all should be sighing a great big, “Uh Oh!”, and possibly following it with a, “My Bad!”.

    In God we trust.



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