Heartbreaking Quote of the Day

The immigration fight is a parable of American politics in the age of gridlock—when even popular legislation favored by bipartisan majorities of lawmakers, including leadership, and backed by a passionate grassroots coalition, can fail for seemingly no reason at all.

“What Happened to Immigration Reform,” The Atlantic online

One thought on “Heartbreaking Quote of the Day

  1. Father Mark,

    Ah yes, the alien, the stranger in a strange land, sort of like Israel and his family. Egypt was the dominant country in the Mideast for several millennia. Of course, they eventually enslaved Israel. Maybe there’s a lesson there. Has not the history of the United States been to take wave after wave of legal immigrants, utilize their raw power for a generation or two (longer in the case of the resold slaves from Africa), then, ultimately, having them integrate into the totality of society.

    Compare that to the illegal immigration that is ongoing, where allegiance to the United States of America is not an issue — just look at the bumper stickers — and the politicians utilize pandering to the illegal immigrant’s monitary desires by offering them the largesse of the nation. It is a sick, sad, sorry scene.

    So, reform immigration, by all means, but don’t legalize illegal immigration.

    In God we trust.



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