Art Friday

Lord gave me the golden opportunity to tour the permanent collections of the North Carolina Museum of Art before the mid-day crowds descended. A charmingly functional edifice.

I think probably the most famous objet d’art in the building is:

Boticelli Adoration of the Child

Lovely for the Christmas cards, but not exactly my personal cup of tea.

I have put some hate on Andrew Wyeth before. My own mom called him a ‘poseur’ on this very website. “Christina’s World,” as I noted, leaves me utterly cold. But NCMA has a Wyeth that knocked me, rocked me:

Winter 1946

I will let you investigate the occasion of this painting, if you so choose. IMHO, it stands on its own as a dizzying exposition.

The most fascinating thing I learned in the Kanof Judaic Art Gallery, which is, in itself, worth driving to Raleigh to see.

Esther scroll

Apparently, Jewish fathers living under the Ottomans customarily gave these to their daughters’ suitors as gifts. Great message: No one should mess with the Almighty God of Israel, to whom my daughter devoutly prays. So walk the straight and narrow, buddy–and, please God, we can look forward to many happy Purims together.

One thought on “Art Friday

  1. Father Mark,

    But, was it as efficacious as a shotgun?

    It does look like a very worthwhile visit.

    In God we trust.



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