Scheduling my Realm Getting Weird

“Evangelization consists mostly of patience.” –Pope Francis

Triad rules!

…It happened last year: the Georgetown Hoyas played not one but two somewhat obscure universities located within the greater Mark-White-hinterlands area.

Guess what? They will do it again over the course of the next two weeks. High Point University? Elon University? Have driven past both of these NC-Piedmont institutions recently for one reason or another…

…In honor of “Strong As I Am” by the Prime Movers, and Walt Whitman, I have made some minor format changes here. Please do not be alarmed.


One thought on “Scheduling my Realm Getting Weird

  1. Father Mark,

    I’ve heard some outstanding understatements (try on that oxymoronic hat) recently; but “minor format changes” is way underwhelming. Talk about your “black and white” thinking.

    The four recordings (Prime Movers, Walt Whitman, Florence Nightingale & Archie Bunker) give a wonderful view history, long a go and not so long ago (once you start hunting down the antecedents on YouTube, it’s difficult to stop).

    Your imperative is being consummated, even as I write.

    In God we trust.



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