Children of Nuestra Señora

yo no estoy aqui madre basilica Guadalupe

Our Lady appeared here on our continent at precisely this time of year.

If we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary what the official language of America is, she might reply, ‘Well, when I visited, I spoke Spanish…’

This one Lady, the Mother of God–who spoke to St. Juan Diego outside Mexico City–she is the mother of us all. And she teaches us who we are.

western hemisphere1. We are Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God and son of the Blessed Virgin. How is our Lady our Mother–this Palestinian woman who lived on earth two millennia ago? She is our mother by being the mother of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are children of the Our Lady by virtue of being Christians.

2. Who are we? We are Americans. Nothing is more American than loving our Lady. There is nothing that unites America like loving our Lady. The Spaniards who came here loved our Lady. The English Catholics loved our Lady. The natives came to love our Lady. The Africans brought to the West Indies came to love our Lady.

There is one America, with one Queen, one Empress—the mother of God, who spoke to St. Juan Diego outside Mexico City. And we Americans can also boast: the Pope is one of us, an American.

3. Who are we, we who love our Lady? We are feminists. That is to say, we venerate the woman; we venerate the power of the woman. Who was born without a mother giving birth? Anyone?

4. We are a religious people. What is the Virgin’s specialty? Dancing? Driving? Cooking? No. Religion. Faith. Prayer. We have a mother of perfect religion. We are her children; therefore, we are religious.

The Virgin of Guadalupe, mother of Christians, mother of Americans, beautiful woman, full of faith and piety.

Her children: Christians, altogether feminist, religious people: Us.


2 thoughts on “Children of Nuestra Señora

  1. Father Mark,

    The men of St. Raphael’s have been experiencing “That Man Is You” (a weekly program for men, whose name is taken from Nathan’s words to King David in 2 Sam 12:7). The initiator of this program, Steve Bollman, has more recently been examining the model of woman, both the God-given nature of woman, as described in the Bible (and under whose tutelage many of us were raised), and the “modern woman”, frequently called “feminist”.

    While his take is, perforce, developed very rapidly (in about six of the thirteen sessions this Fall, each a 25 minute presentation, and shared with the model of man, and of the development of “modern” thought regarding the nature of humankind, “The Masters of Deception”), it clearly identifies the currently-touted model for woman as a path of destruction for the human race.

    If we can find a path back to the traditional model, and to Nuestra Madre, we may yet survive.

    In God we trust.



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