Can the

Joshua Smith

Georgetown Hoyas beat the Rock Chalk Jayhawks tomorrow, in the Kansas hills? Or will the eerie chant arise in Lawrence early in the second half, signaling our disgraceful doom?

The battle of the big men: Can human tank Joshua Smith run over the mighty Cameroonian, ginormous Joel Embiid?

I think he can! I think Smith can dominate! Smith has a 100-pound weight advantage!

Go Hoyas!

2 thoughts on “Can the

  1. Father Mark,

    Has Mr. Naismith’s gentle game for middle-aged gentlemen made it to Rocky Mount ( ) yet? We realize that the lines of communication from Atlanta to there were cut in September, 1864, and all communications from the South ended with Sherman’s march to the sea ('s_March_to_the_Sea ), beginning on November 15th, 1864. But, then again, Montani Semper Liberi ( ), so maybe that tall, bearded guy with the Enfield Rifle Musket ( ) wearing light grey clothing, who hangs out downtown by the soda shop, brought the word.

    In God we trust.



  2. Father Mark,

    Okay, I always THOUGHT that Naismith invented basketball in Atlanta. I read the other citations; but something made me go back and read the one on Naismith. Wow, you’re going into the den of the originator. And, wow, what a guy he was.



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