St. John the Baptist Society

We call ourselves the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the People of God, the Body of Christ. We have some exalted titles for ourselves. Another one we might have to adopt: The St. John the Baptist Society.

“The marriage is not lawful.” (Mark 6:18)

St. John said these words to the tetrarch of Galilee because his putative wife Herodias had another living husband, namely Herod’s half-brother, who was the tetrarch of Judea. And marriage is for life. That’s what people who marry each other say: “Till death do us part.”

head-platterWe know that St. John the Baptist preached a lot of spirited sermons. He bellowed with passion about Judgment Day and the coming of the Savior. But it would appear that his message to Herod came quietly, unobtrusively– but firmly: Your marriage is not lawful.

The Church follows John in the message and the approach. “Lawful” marriage means: faithful, fruitful, committed, irrevocable. Anything else is not lawful. We quietly deliver that message.

And the powers rage. The Church, supposedly, is mean to people by insisting on the divine laws of marriage. Better just to have mass weddings of whoever shows up at the Grammys. Now, even the UN has officially declared our teachings to be mean.

But the St. John the Baptist Society will persevere. No matter what it costs, even if it costs us our lives.

The Lord made something exquisitely beautiful, exquisitely wonderful, and exquisitely challenging when he made marriage.

It is not lawful to try to tamper with the handiwork of God.

2 thoughts on “St. John the Baptist Society

  1. Father Mark,

    To Hades with “lawful”: it just doesn’t make sense for society to support “same-sex marriage”. The essential question is: “What interest does society have in providing monetary benefits to same-sex relationships? The answer is: “None!” These unions do not provide anything to society, irrespective to the public relations campaign long under way, and continuing, to show that same-sex couples (no argument there) can be every bit as much “parents” as heterosexual couples (no mention of marriage here, in this discussion; but society DOES have a vested interest in marriage of heterosexual couples) — a fabrication at best.

    Instead, we, the silent, have allowed the forces militating toward “same-sex marriage” to phrase the discussion in terms of “fairness”. That is, if one of these “privileged” heterosexual couples can have a benefit, so can “we” — in the name of fairness.

    There is a simple, and very “fair” method of dealing with this situation, the flat tax. That removes the monetary aspects. Then, let each couple stand or fall on their own merits.

    Sounds reasonable; but society needs to do more. Unfortunately, our society has tied itself into legal knots over a number of issues which, in the past, seemed too trivial to dispute (e.g., love AND marriage, then children). How could such inanities as mass bastardry be? Perhaps we need look to the lemmings for an answer; there just seem to be times when animal populations appear to be bent on self-destruction. The problem in our society seems, however, to be too much food (speaking figuratively here), not too little. So, expecting society in general to support reason is probably not reasonable, rational, nor probable of success.

    The Church, now that’s another story: the Roman Catholic Church has a sterling opportunity to support human life in all stages from conception to natural death. It need but break the bonds of silence, and the tentacles of governmental funding, and simply both state and put into practice the principles that were propounded by Jesus Christ two millennia ago, and have since been institutionally developed by the Church. It’s all there, but it needs to be APPLIED. And, we need to ACCEPT it, LIVE it, and CARRY it TO OTHERS. To do this, we need an inflamed people (clergy and laity alike); we need both leaders and followers. Further, we will need to endure the falling away of many who have clung to one notion or another of Christianity, but have really never accepted both the love and charge of Jesus Christ (love one another; go, and carry the good news to the World). A time of great sadness is upon us.

    In God we trust.



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