Mérode Altarpiece

merode triptych

We will see it at the Cloisters on our parish-cluster Youth Pilgrimage to NYC next month!
(Among other splendid sights.)



3 thoughts on “Mérode Altarpiece

  1. Father Mark,

    Big cities have their own mountain-like buildings and, frequently, ocean-like expanses of water, earthquake-like rumbles, and tornado-like roars. Then, they have the accoutrements of great wealth (often from bygone days). All of these are there for a purpose, to offer the visitor an opportunity to see himself in true perspective, that of humility. Unfortunately, humans tend to forget all too soon that which had them so awed and cowed. Many of the residents have never realized their true position in the universe, and take the grandeur for granted. Pray that we do not do likewise.

    In God we trust.



  2. Father,
    Years ago, while I was at Seton Hall University, I took an art history class. In that class, we studied this particular alterpiece. I loved the tiny flying Christ holding the cross. My professor pointed out that if you continued Christ’s trajectory, you would notice that He was headed for Mary’s ear. She wondered if we knew why that might be. Trying to sound intelligent, I guessed that maybe it was because Mary heard the word of God and Christ was the Word made Flesh. She laughed and said that it was because Mary’s ear was the “safest” entry point for Christ to come into Mary’s body. I found that to be so sweet that it made me love this piece even more.
    I hope that you and your youth group have a fantastic time in NYC! Safe travels!

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