Stunning (?)

Anyone planning on visiting New York might enjoy reading the little virtual walking tour a friend of mine conducted over the course of a couple months, a few winters ago… [Click, and keep clicking “Newer,” if you want to read.]

Fox News' Eric Bolling
Fox News’ Eric Bolling
St. John's coach Steve Lavin
St. John’s coach Steve Lavin

I don’t know about you, but the physical similarity between these two men has left me in something of a daze.

…Doesn’t look like the Georgetown Hoyas will wind up with an invitation to the NCAA tournament this year. Not that we care about the NCAA tournament. We do not.

In fact, this year we are conducting an official Cosmos + Sun boycott of the NCAA tournament. No brackets, no frenzied channel surfing, no Jay Bilas, no mid-major theorizing–no madness whatsoever.

We will conduct ourselves like the kind of college basketball fans we were raised to be: Riveted during the regular season. Intensely interested in the Big East tournament and moderately interested in the ACC tournament.

Once anyone starts talking about a team “making its case,” we will vacate the premises. Anything having to do with the Big Ten or the PAC Ten, we will summarily ignore. The “American Athletic Conference?” Never heard of it.

Ellen_page_junoCollege-basketball thinking must resemble environmental thinking: Think regionally, act locally.

…While we find ourselves on the subject of my perfectly arbitrary opinions, I would like to say that I will always be proud of Juno for choosing life over abortion, even if the prospective adoptive parents turned out to be a lot less “edgier” than she might have wished.

Her latest news has me bummed, because it complicates a man of cloth’s unabashedly recommending Juno to anyone who will listen to me. Can’t tell you how many times I have recommended the movie. Or how many times I have watched it. And I always cry.

But can I say this? In 1990 (when Sara Bareilles was ten years old), “coming out” involved some edginess and perhaps required some courage. I have some particularly vivid college-age memories involving conversations of this kind.

In 2014, however, ‘coming out’ has become a) lame, b) uninspiring as hell, c) totally uncool, and d) altogether annoying.

I wish no one ill, of course. But, my dear people with same-sex attraction: Get over yourselves! You have become the lamestream establishment that you supposedly buck. The only hip thing to be these days is chaste. The brave people these days come out as CHASTE.

3 thoughts on “Stunning (?)

  1. Father Mark,

    First, and foremost, there really IS life after basketball — honest! However, talk of boycotting the NCAA Tournament is probably one of the most prevalent signs that one might be in immediate need of a self-help group for those addicted to the sport.

    “The Singer Not The Song” [] might very well help put the Juno/Ellen Page dilemma into better perspective.

    In God we trust.



  2. Perhaps I can put in a plug for all the faithful married men & women who ride out the tough days side by side, loving their children as the blessings they are, laying aside their individual desires for the good of the other. I think they rock, especially my mom & dad who still are making it look easy after 48+ years!

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