I’ll Wear it Proudly

Elvis Costello King of AmericaPlease forgive me. On Ash Wednesday I wind up exhausted, and random song lyrics run through my mind at inappropriate times.

All my beloved people bravely walking out into the world after Mass, with the diadem of mortality emblazoned on the brow. All I can think of is the refrain from E. Costello’s “I’ll Wear it Proudly,” from King of America:

If they had a ‘King of Fools,’ then I could wear that crown
And you can all die laughing because I’ll wear it proudly

One thought on “I’ll Wear it Proudly

  1. Father Mark,

    As long as it’s a “Fool for God” it all works out; and I can wear it proudly.

    Just wait a scant 27 days; then, you can wear it openly — but just for a day.

    “All Summer in A Day”: Oh how I miss Ray!

    In God we trust.



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