Pastor’s Petitions to Father Joseph

[If you don’t mind, for St. Joseph the Worker’s day, the e-homily will simply consist of some of my personal petitions to the heavenly patron and protector of the southern sister-parish of our precious little Virginia-Piedmont cluster…]

young-carpenterPlease help us, St. Joseph, to serve the Lord faithfully in the New Evangelization. Help us to embrace the Gospel more deeply and propose it to all our neighbors fearlessly.

Please help all those entrusted with great responsibilities in the life of our parish, and of all parishes, to fulfill them courageously, creatively, humbly, selflessly.

Please help us all to befriend each other ever more deeply in Christ, with patience and gentleness, building each other up. Help us to steer clear of all gossip, detraction, slander, and back-biting. Help those of us who do not speak each other’s languages to love each other with kind gestures and mutual support.

Please help us to reach our parish’s capital-campaign goal by the end of the month! (If such be for the greater glory of God, which we humbly submit that we believe it to be.)

Please help the sick and the dying. Come to the aid of all those preparing to pass over to the next life. Help us all to make good, holy deaths, when the time comes. Help us to repent heartily of our sins now and reform our lives for the better.

Please help us to grow in chastity, to hate and despise anything immodest or faithless. Help all those who struggle with self-destructive inclinations to conquer them by the grace of your omnipotent foster Son.

St. Joseph, smile on us–your clients, your servants, your children! Bring us to work with you! May every day of our earthly pilgrimage be a heavenly Take-Your-Child-to-Work Day, and bring us with you to the workbench of honest labor for the construction of the Kingdom of God!

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