The Kind Will of the Father

This is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him may have eternal life. (John 6:40)

The Father wills our salvation, our eternal life. The Father has planned that our difficulties, struggles, and even our inevitable death—all of it leads to a goal, the goal, the most unimaginably wonderful outcome.

The Son has passed through to eternal life. God has taken us to Himself, in the unique Person of Christ, and He has brought it all to fulfillment already, the consummation of our human life in eternal glory.

resurrectionOur Scriptures bear symphonic testimony to this. And the fearless death of so many Apostles and martyrs—not to mention the self-sacrificing lives of so many saints—these witnesses put the whole business into stark contrast: Either everything Jesus said is true, or all these people have been insane.

We have a beautiful-enough life on earth now. But we can see clearly that nothing about it is permanent. April 2014 offered us a lot. But now it is gone, never to return. California Chrome won the race on Saturday. But next year somebody else will. And even Google Chrome will someday fade into memory, and then be forgotten altogether.

But the Holy Spirit of Christ can attune our minds, our hearts, our spirits, to the eternal, unmoved, unchanging divinity that makes light shine and music harmonize. The Holy Spirit makes us friends with the Father Who wills that we, too, pass over, like Christ, to eternal life.

Maybe it seems like a wheeling merry-go-round—this pilgrim life we live now—or maybe like static on a broken t.v., or like a gondola ride, or like twelve years of slavery, or like a 30-day juice fast that never results in adequate weight loss. Whatever it seems like, it ain’t eternal. It will end. It is a movement, an episode, a road trip, a canto, a song.

And Jesus has taught us that the kind Father—the Singer—He wills that we still stand, alive, with ears and bright eyes wide open, when this song ends, and the Singer Himself becomes the everlasting song.

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