Ascension Delay?

Living in a place where Ascension Thursday gets celebrated on Sunday does get confusing.

After all, our Lord ascended bodily into heaven on Thursday. St. Augustine celebrated the solemnity on Thursday. Christopher Columbus celebrated the solemnity on Thursday. And, since the original Novena began on Ascension Thursday, starting it three days late turns it into a Septena instead.

christopher_columbusBut let’s look at the bright side. Can’t we imagine that the disciples would gladly have seen the Lord delay His ascension a few days? Our Lady? Don’t we figure she would have said every morning from Easter Sunday ad infinitum: ‘Son of mine, don’t go today. Wait until tomorrow.’ None of the people who loved Him wanted to see Him vanish into heaven. They were not eager for that. No rush.

But—as we will discuss on this subject on Sunday—the Lord knew best, as always.

A little while, and you will not see me.”

Lord, make it 43 days instead of 40! Stay with us on earth three days more!

“No…But do not despair. You will weep and mourn, you will grieve—while the hard-hearted godless world parties like it’s 1999—but your grief will become joy.

“It is better for you that I go. Another divine Advocate will come to you. The Spirit of utter, complete, and total, better-than-Cats awesomeness will come to you. After a Novena or Septena or whatever you can manage. And then your grief will become joy.”

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