Enrique Update

ICA FarmvilleFresh from Mexico’s moral victory over Brazil this afternoon, I had the blessed opportunity to visit our Enrique this evening, in the detention center on the outskirts of Farmville, Va. The same Farmville where, 149 years ago, Lee’s army repeatedly retreated after losing skirmishes to Federals, landing them in Appomatox.

But I digress. Let it be a testimony to the decency of our nation that:

1. Enrique himself had just watched the better part of the Brazil-Mexico game. 2. He is recovering well from a flu he caught last week, having been helped by a doctor, who has also supplied him with his diabetes medicine. 3. He has lost a few pounds, but no more than he could well have stood to lose anyway. 4. He has a nice tan from the walks he can take around the soccer field every other day. He has indomitable spirits, and no complaints.

His deportation order was stayed last week, a miracle to be attributed to your holy prayers, dear reader. The strategy now is to apply for asylum, on the grounds that his hometown in Jalisco is too violent to live in, owing to drug-running operations there.

Enrique asked me especially to extend his regards and gratitude to everyone who is lovingly praying for him and supporting him. His next step is to await an appointment at which he could appeal for asylum. Please pray that he can get one soon, and that a sympathetic listening ear will greet his request.

More info as it becomes available. We are in halfway-decent shape when it comes to the legal-defense funds, but further appeals for donations may become necessary if things go well, and he gets to the next stage of actually mounting his asylum request before a judge.

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