Amos on Goodness + Hobby Lobby

The prophet admonished the people: “Let justice prevail at the gate.” Which means: Let justice prevail in court. Because the elders among the Israelites heard cases for judgment at the city gates.

Hobby horseThen the prophet admonished them again. “Away with your noisy songs! …If you would offer me burnt offerings, then let justice surge like water and goodness like an unfailing stream.”

We want our land, these United States of America, to bud forth with growth. We want fertile soil. But, above all, we want this stream of human goodness coursing through our country. Our own goodness will “fertilize” this land, like nothing else will.

May it please God, let’s hope for a peaceful and pleasant Independence Day. Let’s hope for another 238 years of American stability, by following Amos’ admonition. Let’s do everything we can to be truly good, with the true goodness of God.

Re: “Hobby Lobby” Case.

The Bishops’ Conference has welcomed the decision. And they know much better than I do.

Nonetheless, I do not find myself at all overjoyed. To be honest, I think that certain terms are used in this case in an incoherent way.

I would define the terms differently.

Religion. Giving God His due: believing the truths He has revealed, worshiping Him with thanks and praise, doing penance for sin, seeking to do His will.

If ‘religion’ means: An intellectually inaccessible predilection that certain people have, for no apparent reason–which is how the word is used in this case–then I for one, would not want to have anything to do with religion.

Medicine/Health Care. Working to cure the maladies of mankind, using the scientific method.

Science. Applying the mind to reality in such a way as to insist on clear reasoning for all assertions. The systematic elimination of unfounded myths and compulsive/irrational actions.

It is a myth that artificial contraception serves the purpose of medicine. It is unscientific to accept supposed statements of truth without seeking clarity through rigorous questioning. The proposition that artificial contraception serves the purpose of medicine appears to have been accepted in this case without question. This is irrational and unscientific; the judges appear to be adjudicating cases with unproved myths as principles.

Also apparently accepted without question is this assertion: The money required for health care belongs to the business owner. In fact, the money that goes to provide healthcare actually belongs to the commonweal. It may be held in a business’ coffers for a period of time. But the business has an obligation to make the money available for healthcare. Because everyone has a right to the healthcare that the community can provide.

This court has found that a business owner must be protected from having to comply with evil acts, which are characterized as evil without any inquiry whatsoever as to why they are evil. The court also appears to accept without question the assertion that having a particular health plan for employees constitutes culpable co-operation with evil.

Plenty of people reject the conclusion of the court on these grounds: The owners of the business are not being forced to use abortifacients. So how is their freedom being infringed? The moral agency here belongs to the employee who chooses to apply poison to herself.

I, for one, do not have a convincing argument to that point. The money belongs to the commonweal. The moral culpability falls with whoever actually poisons the body with these so-called medicines. The business owner does not have any genuine moral agency in the evil.

Forgive me for not being a neo-conservative team player. But the conclusion of the court looks to me like utter, unprincipled gibberish. I cannot celebrate it as a victory, because it is a victory only for chaos. It is perfectly consistent, in its labile, surface-skimming approach, with the decisions that: found no natural basis for marriage, and that tolerate the daily killing of thousands of innocent and defenseless unborn children by abortion.


2 thoughts on “Amos on Goodness + Hobby Lobby

  1. Father Mark,

    After an absence of months, I’m back. In the interim, I lost my e-mail account, went to Rome for the Canonization Mass, went to Disney World, and am currently hosting my grandson, Ben, for a visit. In the meantime, I completed a year as Grand Knight for Mater Dei Clouncil, including Chairing the Garage-to-Attic Sale (GAS14). Right now, I’m still recovering.

    Then, along came Amos. If it’s easy reading you’re after, it ain’t here. The Epistle and Gospel have almost made a picture in contrasts this last week.

    Your take on Hobby Lobby is totally appropriate. When “Thou Shalt Not Kill” comes down to eaking out a “victory” such as this, we might as well throw in the towel. However, for faith, this is just one more urging to our knees in prayer. If enough can see that enough is enough, and pray in their hearts for the return of eternal reason into the mainstream of thought, change toward the way of the Lord becomes more possible. And, avoidance of the discipline of the Lord, as displayed in Amos, becomes more likely.

    Otherwise, we will be put to the sword.

    In God we trust.



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