From Lackluster to Heaven

Tomb of St. Camillus in Rome
Tomb of St. Camillus in Rome

I know a man with a lot of bad habits. And, generally speaking, he is difficult to deal with. And he doesn’t take care of himself, physically or spiritually, like he should.

In spite of all this, he haunts churches. He is forever hanging around, doing this or that, and he seems to have a great interest in the Word of God and the teachings of the Church.

Yes, this man gives every impression of being a hopeless case. A thoroughgoing, hapless loser³. Nonetheless, there may be hope for him. Because, 450 years ago, there was a similar case.

Camillus de Lellis had a lot of bad habits. And people found him very annoying. But he, too, haunted churches and liked to listen to the Word of God. And we know for a fact that Camillus made it to heaven, because he wound up converting to a very holy life, and he has been canonized by Mother Church.

Lackluster, not really very healthy, and disagreeable. But often in church. Sound familiar? Your humble servant.

God can do amazing things with even incorrigible people who hang around churches.


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