#WeAreN, like St. Sharbel

St. Sharbel of Lebanon, ordained 155 years ago yesterday
St. Sharbel of Lebanon, ordained 155 years ago yesterday
I know a Lebanese family in Washington, named Malouf, who say they are kin to Father Sharbel.

I am by no means an expert, but let’s go over these basic things:

God became a human being, born of a virgin from…

Nazareth lies in the northern part of the nation of Israel, which shares a long border with the coastal land of…

When the Son of God stood on the seashore in Capernaum, and looked to His left, He saw the highlands in the nation of…Syria.

Let’s go back a little further, 2,000 more years. Abraham came to the Promised Land from the city of Ur in…Chaldea, which is present-day…Iraq.

Abraham, Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus our Lord, St. Sharbel, all the Lebanese people we know, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis—they all have one thing in common, namely hailing from the same general area, about the same size as Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia.

WeAreNThe Lord Jesus wept because of the hardness of this world and the sadness of death. We weep for the people of Syria and Iraq, especially the Christian people who have been targeted for brutal persecution. May the good Lord deliver them.

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