Lamp in a Dark Place

Attend to the prophetic message as to a lamp shining in a dark place. 2 Peter 1:19

‘Prophetic.’ To prophesy means announcing something that would otherwise remain unknown. A prophecy gives us other-worldly knowledge.

Transfiguration-raphaelThe prophetic message, to which we must attend: Jesus is Lord. Jesus is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. A light shines within Him–the unique, undying light, from which all creation has come.

This lamp–the light of Jesus Christ’s otherworldly divinity–His immeasurable mystery–this lamp shines in a dark place.

Seems like this question comes up over and over and over again. Fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II–let’s tackle it again. Is this world a dark place?

Today we pray especially for the Christians of Iraq, who certainly suffer in a painful kind of darkness, the darkness of having irrational enemies with loaded guns pointed at you and your children. And we pray for their neighbors, other religious minorities in the Middle East, suffering alongside our brother Christians. As they mourn their countless dead, they would likely say, ‘Yes, this is a dark world.’

But: When we prophetically declare to the dark world, ‘Jesus is Lord!’ we simultaneously say, “God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son.”

God does not love evil. God does not love darkness. God loves shimmering sunsets and a cup of good wine. He came to live in the beautiful world He made. He confounded the Pharisees with the way He took delight in His friends, and music, and a pleasant evening.

Let’s focus on this concept: Redemption. God came to redeem, not to destroy. Redemption implies two things:

1. This world enslaves. The evils of this world bind and fetter with base selfishness. We cannot even see the way to escape, much less have the strength to follow it. On any given day, any given web-search, the world looks hopeless.

But redemption also implies:

2. Freedom does await. The true, vivid color of the world lies hidden in shadows. But it’s there. It can come out. I’m not gay, I just love rainbows.

The Feast of the Transfiguration, the feast of hope. God loves tomorrow; He does not hate it. He will shine even more light tomorrow, until the undying dawn of the everlasting day.

One thought on “Lamp in a Dark Place

  1. Father Mark,

    Watching the world around, let’s pray for Christians everywhere, not just in Iraq. Although there is trial and tribulation for the Christian, Christianity is also the light of the world, the difference between a human race that advances in human love and joy, and one that submerges in the mire of worldly pursuits. And, if that weren’t enough, there is redemption, resurrection, and reunion with Him.

    In God we trust.



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