The Measurer

The measure with which you measure will in turn be measured out to you. Luke 6:38

One God reigns. One Christ has offered the perfect sacrifice to atone for all human evil. One Holy Spirit binds all of mankind in a single destiny of eternal love. One just Judge will dispose all things rightly at the final account.

scales_of_justiceA Christian knows that death is not the worst thing. Death certainly ain’t good. We would rather not have to deal with it. Nor do we particularly like parting with our comfort and convenience. But worse than anything, worse even than death is: damnation. Worse by far than death: sin.

President has referred to the terrorist militants as ‘nihilists.’ Maybe that’s true. Genuine nihilism means believing that there really is no measure for our actions. There is no judgment. There is simply doing. Conscience is nothing but irrational, superstitious timidity.

Everything within us rebels at such a conception of things. No. Someone measures. Someone sees, knows; someone with a greater mind, greater penetration, and a genuinely comprehensive plan for everything. He has our measure. Moral and immoral are truly different. Right and wrong are truly different—not just in our cowardly minds, but in the scale that balances all things.

The measure of all things transcend our minds, of course—if it didn’t, then we really could be the ultimate measurers. But we know perfectly well that we are not. Our neighbors teach us that every day. My own point-of-view takes in such a small part of the landscape. Only one mind can conceive the entire pilgrim journey of Mother Earth and everything moving on her.

Nonetheless, the great Measurer has opened the door for us, so we can see into the unfathomable righteousness of His judgment. The door is Christ crucified.

Grunewald the Small CrucifixionThe reality of death ravages our hearts. And we don’t like inconvenience and our neighbors asking us to go a mile with them.

But neither trouble, nor toil, nor death are the worst things. The great divider between good and evil stands before us as the source of undying light. The only truly bad thing is to separate myself from the Lamb.

And I know that He, with all the strength of His Heart, desires that we all be with Him.

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