Angel Squad

We can take great consolation in the fact that every single individual human being has a particular angel assigned as a guardian. Everyone has one.

In fact, according to some doctors of sublime mysteries, there are certain individuals who have multiple angels assigned to guard them.

Spurs championsThe heavenly powers take one look at specimens such as myself, and immediately conclude: “Yes, Raphael single-handedly guided Tobiah. That was a successful solo operation.

“But this particular dude here presents a hard case. We better send back-up coverage straight away. He will probably need the angelic equivalent of the San Antonio Spurs starting five just to stay out of trouble.”

However many angels we need to guide us away from hell and towards heaven—that’s exactly how many we have. All joking aside, having one guardian angel beside me at all times—that’s pretty daggone solid.

Even the most fearsome demons cannot overcome my humble angel. Because our guardian angels have something going for them that the demons don’t have. Namely, all the light, truth, power, and glory of the Almighty Creator, Who loves everything He has made. And Who guides everything toward eternal friendship and peace.

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