The Even-Better Communications Device


The Son of God is… Jesus!

Is Jesus just kind of god-like, sort of divine? No, of course not. He is eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, light from light, true God from true God. God and man.

Rosary PrayersGod the Son, Son of the Father. And also the Son of…the Virgin Mary! The Mother of God.

Now, when some of us older people were young, we used to stay in touch with our friends and loved ones by talking with them on the phone, which used to be attached to the wall in the house. We did not “text.” Our grandparents did text, when they were young. It was called sending a telegram.

Anyway, way before that even, the Mother of God gave us the perfect device for staying in touch with her and her divine Son. You can keep the device in your pocket, just like a fancy cellphone. This device is actually more lightweight. It never needs software upgrades. And you never need to charge it in a wall outlet or with a car charger.

The Holy Rosary is the most effective handheld communication device ever. And, speaking for myself anyway, I find it considerably easier to use than any phone.

Some people like to send like 50 or 53 texts per day. Fine.

But, meanwhile, let’s keep in touch with Our Lady and her Son by saying 53 Hail Marys, with six Our Fathers, six Glory Bes, and a Creed.


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