Faith of Abraham


The great, wild, undaunted, new-day-dawning faith of Abraham. All the sins, all the foolishness, all the ignorance we dwelt in yesterday doesn’t matter now, because God has beckoned us forward.

The Lord holds today and tomorrow and forever in His hands. What He has planned will surpass anything my mind can conceive, so it’s actually better that I know as little as possible about it. Better for me just to stare up at the wide open sky, or at the stars, and know that God is all-in-all.

The wide-open faith of Abraham. Which is the faith of St. Thomas Aquinas. And of all the saints. Of Saints Simeon and Anna in the Temple, of Saints Ann and Joachim. The faith of the Blessed virgin, immaculate granddaughter of Abraham.

The faith of the remnant of Israel, of the Holy Church. The faith of the poor. The worldly powers tower over us, dwarf us like ants. But God makes the worldly powers look like protoplasms in a rain puddle.

Skyscrapers and spotlights turn to dust; the roar of the crowd goes silent; the graves of the former glitterati grow green with grass. And God remains God. The Father into Whose hands Abraham’s crucified grandson commended His spirit—that Father keeps fathering, and will never stop fathering us. His flowers will blossom as fresh as the original springtime, long after everything that is currently on the internet has long been forgotten.

We believe, oh heavenly Father! We are the children of Abraham. Lead on.


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